Here in Middle Georgia, we are famous for our warm temperatures, but this fall has been unseasonably warm. As I write this, it is October 26th, and the high today will be 86 degrees F. This is unusual, even down here! The good news is that the humidity has eased up, and I am able to get out and shoot – enjoying the warm temperatures, taking my time shooting, not feeling rushed or as though I am going to have a heat stroke.


Holga 120 Pinhole, Fuji Pro 400 H

Personally, my favorite time of year for photography is November –  March. The light is softer and more diffused, the skies are overcast, plus fog and snow (yes, we get the perfect amount of snow in Georgia…just enough that it retains its magic). As much as I’ll miss these 80 degree temperatures, I’m looking forward to winter!


Do you have a favorite time of year/season to shoot, or just a favorite season in general?