Woman's feet next to a dog on a hardwood floor.

I’ve been gone for a while, three weeks in South Africa and another up at the lake. I went from days spent surrounded by palm trees and succulents to ripples on water and fall foliage floating all around me. Beautiful locations for sure with plenty of creative inspiration. I’ve returned home with over 80 GB of images to upload, 7 rolls of film…not to mention hundreds of images taken on my iPhone.

But now that I’m home I find that I’m a little lost. When I take a look around me, my neighborhood has lost its sparkle. Although I see the beauty in everyday things, after a month surrounded by exotic allure and New England charm, my home’s looking rather dull.

So I suppose I’ll have to do what every photographer does after shooting an exciting experience: lose myself in memories of African plains and Shetland ponies while finding a way to fall back in love with a more familiar landscape. I’ll trade petting ponies with puppy-dog snuggles and the comforts of home. So even though I’m longing for adventure, I’ll find a way to rekindle the romance with my everyday. I have a feeling that with my “heartbeat at my feet,” it shouldn’t take much time at all.

Holly ~ Soupatraveler