It is with great regret that we have decided to say farewell to Mortal Muses at the end of this month in order to focus our energies on a new project for 2015. So for the two weeks leading up to Thanksgiving we are all going to share our final posts with you as we look back and celebrate all the fun we’ve had over the years.

We are thrilled that many of our Muse alumni are joining us to participate in this celebration but we’d also like as many other people as possible to take part. Because many of us originally met on Flickr we decided a fun way to do this would be to go back to our roots with some bench shots! Remeember those? And if you don’t, take a peek at the group on flickr here for inspiration. Please share your bench shot with us in our muses theme Flickr group, so we can create a final mosaic that represents, thanks and celebrates the entire Mortal Muses community.

And stay tuned for news here of our new project, coming in January!