Back in 2012 I had recently gone through a major career change, from a researcher position to a job in administration. I was happy in my new job – learning plenty of new and interesting things, travelling – but I missed the creativity inherent in doing my own research.

Then I was asked to join the Mortal Muses, and suddenly I was a part of a passionate community encouraging me to embrace and develop my photographic creativity like never before. Call it coincidence or call it fate – whatever it was, however it happened, it was exactly what I needed at the time.

And oh, how I have loved the chance to spread my creative wings in the company of the other Muses and our wonderful community. I am especially grateful for the encouragement and inspiration to develop my thoughts on photography, language and self-portraits. And I have learned so much from the other Muses, from free-lensing and using the black and white setting on my digital camera to how best to shoot Polaroids in cold weather and the joys of expired film.

Now, as the Mortal Muses come to an end and we open another chapter, I am going through another transition in my personal life: we are expecting our first child in December. I am excited and a bit scared to find out how motherhood will affect my creativity, and I am very happy to be undertaking that journey together with this community in our new project. I do hope you will join us in January and keep chasing the light with us.

~ All the best from Jenny.