As I prepare this final post I’ve been thinking back on my time as a muse. I joined just as we were re-launching the site in 2011, recommended to the group by dear friends who knew that I was in need of a boost in my creative energy and who believed that I had something to offer this space and this wonderful community. I am ever grateful to them, my fellow muses and to our fabulous community of readers. Mortal Muses has given me the opportunity (and sometimes the needed kick in the backside) to shoot more, write more, think more and explore more about photography than I would have. I have been inspired on the regular by muses past and present and by the enormous talent that shows up in our Flickr pools.

I’m excited for the new path that the other contributors and I will be heading down in the new year. Timing-wise it corresponds with my new path in my personal work. As many of you who know me know – and I’m sure I’ve alluded to it here – I often struggle with what to do with my photography. As a recovering Type-A I often feel that I should be doing something with my photographic work, other than letting it languish on several hard drives. Mortal Muses has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to put my work into the world and I look forward to continuing to do that as part of what’s next for this group. Personally, I’m transitioning from a rather personal blog to a more professional website, focused on my food and travel photography. I’ll be exploring ways to put that work in the hands of clients and editors in the coming months and, I expect, sharing some of that journey with you.

I do hope you’ll come along for the next leg of this great ride.