As you certainly know, we are saying goodbye to Mortal Muses. Although I am new to the site I am still so thankful for the opportunity to be apart of it. I have admired the work of my fellow muses from afar for such a long time and this website offered me the chance to get to know them better and recognize the fact that I too was admired. I am continually surprised and grateful to be counted among them. I have been so thrilled to write and share my work and I have absolutely enjoyed finding new friends among readers.

For me Mortal Muses has given me a small but lovely sense of belonging. This website has stood out like a shining beacon of kindness in our often competitive world of photography. Here there were no criticisms or competitions, instead there was simplicity, honesty and art, there was understanding and support. The muses have been here day in and day out with poetic words and inspiring photographs and they have called out to all of us to find the muse within.

So for my final post here, I simply want to say ….thank you. Thank you to the muses, who offered me a place among them, and thank you to the readers, who have given us a purpose.

Jenny the Time Traveling Pirate