musing [myoo-zing] – verb (used with object)

1.       to comment thoughtfully or ruminate upon.
2.      to write for Mortal Muses

I don’t think I will ever be able to use the term “musing” without thinking of Mortal Muses.  For nearly two years, every nine days or so, I would muse here.

Behind the scenes, Mortal Muses was way more than once-every-nine-days for most of us. It was an almost daily exercise in connection and cooperation. A group of artists was brought together by a love of photography, and kept together by a vision that the world was more interesting when shared in community. Muses came and went, challenges arose and were conquered, but the vision lived on through the site. Nine muses have continually been here, reaching out with words and images and a warm welcome to anyone who wanted to join in.

Looking back, I am still so grateful for my time as Muse. In sometimes small and sometimes large ways, participating with Mortal Muses changed the course of my art and my life. It brought me connection to others at a time when I needed it most, lessons in the joys and frustrations of collaboration, a platform to develop my voice and, most importantly of all, lifelong friends.

Mortal Muses may be completing its run, but the spirit behind the site will live on. It’s part of each of us who ever participated, as a Muse or community member. It is continued through each of us who continues to photograph, to write, and to connect with others through our art.

I’ll be forever musing, it will just be elsewhere. I hope you will continue the spirit of the site, and keep musing, too.

Kat Sloma
Mortal Muse, 2010-2012