If you are anything like me, you are not content to maintain the status quo. I’m always looking to make improvements, find better ways to do things, and simply try something new or else I get bored! With photography, it is no different. Once I learn how to do one technique, I’m on to the next. Conquered, mission accomplished, been there, done that, where’s my next challenge? It started two summers ago when I first saw shaped bokeh, you know, those little stars and hearts that were all the rage? I was like a dog with a bone, determined to figure it out, unable to try anything else until I did, frustration be darned. But once I figured it out, I put it in my arsenal, and moved on to the next new technique.

Sometimes, you get to the point where you know you need a change, but you aren’t sure where to go or what to try next, you just know that what you are currently doing doesn’t feel as satisfying anymore.

Here is a list of things to try to change the way you look at things, and maybe find some new inspiration:

1. Change your perspective. Try shooting from down on the ground, or from above your subject.
2. Change your composition. We all fall into the trap of letting our autofocus points control our compositions. Use manual focus or autofocus lock on your camera so that you can focus with the autofocus point but then move your camera, within the same focal plane, to recompose the overall frame. You might come up with a really unique composition, for example, your subject in the bottom left corner, with tons of negative space in the rest of the frame.
3. Change your focus. If you always shoot autofocus, try manual, and vice versa.
4. Change your subjects. Shoot something you’ve never shot before, maybe something that seems boring even! You’d be surprised at how you might see it in all new eyes once you start photographing it!
5. Change your exposure. Again, if you are using auto a lot, or using aperture priority, your camera is programmed to get you an ideal exposure that is perfectly balanced. Add some mood by underexposing, or add some glowy light by overexposing.
6. Change your choice of weapon. Try film if you shoot digital all the time. Try your iphone for more candid possibilities.

I hope this helps to motivate you as we transition from spring into summer and have to find inspiration in new places!

Happy Snapping!
Cara of CaraRosePhotos