He turned to me and said, “So I guess that means we are moving to New York state.” My love had just been offered a job as an assistant professor at a University in central New York and that was that for living in Lawrence, Kansas! And while we’ll always be Jayhawks, I welcome the change. I don’t have a job yet, and I’m leaving a really great job to move, but I’m looking forward to a new place. Because that is what it comes down to when you are faced with change: your attitude is what makes it easy or hard.

I was just speaking with some friends who are facing seven weeks apart for work this summer. I told them that they need to view it as an opportunity. Yes, it stinks, that’s obvious, but I asked them to think about all the things it would give them a chance to do…spend more time with family, catch up with those friends you’ve been missing, start that hobby or project you’ve been putting off, read the book you’ve saved for a rainy day. Silver lining, lemons to lemonade, however you want to put it, a change is a chance to see what you are made of, start new or fresh, simply live differently for a while. You just might end up liking it or learning something, right? Why stagnate? You might be so complacent in the way things are, and think, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ But I am willing to bet you may be pleasantly surprised at the result if you go into a change with a positive outlook. I think that must be what Meeganz did in her approach to the photo below. Well, it’s a run down house, but how can I really make the photo of it shine, she may have asked herself. And check out the clever result she produced!

Keep it positive!