I have a personal goal that I’ve been trying to reach for a long time. For years it’s been just out of my reach–sometimes I get close and it just slips away.

A friend recently told me to try and focus on exactly what it is that I want, manifest it in my mind, and that these good vibes would have a positive influence on my quest. “Visualize it every day; concentrate on it and good things will begin to happen,” she said. So I tried it, and I think it might be starting to work.

So I got to thinking, maybe we could all use a little of that in our lives…

~Imagine the perfect job.
~Imagine finally having that baby you dream of everyday.
~Imagine finding love in the perfect partner you’ve been searching for.
~Imagine moving to a new place that is better than your wildest dreams.
~Imagine reaching new heights and goals with your photography or other art.
~Imagine all the good things that can come with change, because when we change,
we grow.

When I saw Redzenradish‘s photo in the flickr pool it jumped right out at me. Maybe it’s a sign, I thought, “something awesome coming soon”. Yes, I can feel it. Can you?

~Christy {Urban Muser}

Coming Soon
coming soon by redzenradish