Once upon a time I was “tagged” by our very own Meghan Davidson to answer 11 questions about myself and then in true chain mail like fashion I had to tag people and then they answered and tagged people and so on and so on.  I recently saw the 11 questions making its rounds again in the blogosphere which makes me happy. I love to learn something new about someone. When it came to arranging for our special guest Muse this month I knew exactly who I wanted Kellie Hatcher. Kellie is married who lives full time with her family on the island of Maui. Kellie has a special talent for capturing the love of a family in her photography. I became a big fan when a mutual friend who is also a photographer, hired Kellie to do her family photo. You can bet the first thing I did when I found out my vacation destination would be in her zip code was to book her. this pass summer was schedule a session with Kellie. Our first family portrait. Ever.

Visit Kellie’s site/blog she does a great job sharing her life on the island with her daughter in little vignettes she calls “Slice of Life” those are the posts that keep me coming back. Here’s a few more things I learned about Kellie recently.

Describe yourself in no less than 11 adjectives.


When did you get your first camera and what was it. Bonus if you have photos.

It was a old Ricoh film camera my step-dad gave me for a photography class in college.  Ever since that class in 1998, I thought I was a photographer.  So, naturally when I got my Nikon D70 in 2004, I slammed that thing in to P mode (pssh, auto shmotto, program was where it was at) and started jumping to get the shots I thought the event photographer was missing at every event I attended. I wish I had some of those shots. I had so much confidence back then.

What do you find is the biggest challenge to photograph and why.

My kids. They hate the camera.  They were the reason I learned how to really use my camera…well, maybe they weren’t the reason, but they were perfect subjects. Now, I get dirty looks or a sprint for the door, especially when I tell them to look at me.  And no, they are not teenagers.

How would you describe your style?

Mmm, I can tell you what I am aiming for in my style.  Relaxed, fleeting, dynamic, emotion filled, soul shooting. That’s all. 🙂 I love images that tell a story. One image that can make me sit and stare at every detail, the light, the emotion, the movement. I am not saying that I am making these images already, but that is my goal. To get there someday.

What songs are included on the soundtrack to your life?

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow.  I remember singing this ballad as loud as I could on the front porch when I was around 6 or 7. I really thought that a talent scout might just walk by and recruit me to be the next Annie.  That was where my music career ended and sadly, I must have stopped paying attention. I love good music but could not tell you a single song I love that would be included on my life soundtrack. I wish I were that cool.

What would you name the autobiography of your life?

“Move Over Shirley Temple” From the time I was a little girl I was told I could do or be anything I wanted. My grandparents proudly compared me to Shirley Temple and later, wanted to sponsor me to be a speed skater (still makes me laugh and has to do with how strong my legs are). Somehow, I believed everything they told me and took it to the next level.  “Why have a stylist cut your hair when I can do it?” And “I was a graphic design major, it can’t be that different than interior design…let’s open a staging company”. The weirdest part of this is that people really let me cut their hair! I would never let my friends or relatives cut my hair unless they went to school.  My grandfather had a camera in his hand everywhere he went and I like to think I am carrying that on for him…they are the reason I have done everything in my life. And I hope to be able to instill some of that in my children.

Where is the farthest place you have traveled?

Spain…  or is Portugal farther than Spain? I don’t know…Just those two places in Europe.  That’s the farthest I have been.

Where is your happy place?

In the middle of a good book while the kids are sleeping. Or a good TV series like Downton Abbey. Omg, I am so not cool, anymore.

Name 3 of your favorite photographers (well-known or not).

These are people whose work I could stare at for hours.

Darcy Padilla
Jessica Todd Harper
Vivian Maeir

If you are a photographer and want to learn more about composition and light from Kellie is about to teach an online class that begins on 10/15.  For more information visit the Define School. Registration for her class opens on October 1st.

Thank you Kellie for musing with is today!