I often find comfort in the woods, the awes of nature, the stillness, the quiet, where listening closely brings you the delights of spotting a blue jay or a chipmunk. And it is funny because while it is not literally comfortable to lug two medium format cameras around in the woods, it is a comfort to me to have them with me, because if I see something lovely, I know I’ll be able to do it justice in a photograph. If “the best camera is the one you with you,” then I want to have my best camera with me!

Andy and I have taken to having Tuesday morning dates. He doesn’t teach on Tuesdays, and so we leave Rosie home and do something just for the two of us. This particular Tuesday a few weeks back, we took a hike in the woods nearby. Here are the photos my cameras helped me bring home. I’ve been told I’m crazy for taking a Pentax 6×7 on a hike; I think these photos show I’d be crazy not to!

We would love to know more about the people, places, and things that give you comfort, so be sure to share here in the comments, as well as in the Mortal Muses flickr pools!

Happy Trails!

-Cara of CaraRosePhotos