I love the maximalism of Christmas – that riotous abundance of colours, smells and tastes – but when the calendar turns from December to January I find it’s time to strip away the top layers of life and take the time to get reacquainted with what is essential.

In photography this goal translates to minimalism, a style that doesn’t come easily to me. Shooting instinctively, I tend to end up with images that are full of details and layers.

However, I find that when I put my mind to it, I can find minimalism even among all the decorations in my father’s house on Christmas Eve…

…and surprisingly easily when I’m out shooting empty branches and winter sunlight.

Turning to the Everyday Beauty pool for inspiration, I am struck by the power of simple shapes to tell a bigger story.

Look at all the life implied in the simple silhouette in this image by ~mimo~, and all the light we know is there from a few bokeh circles:
effervescence~ it's almost that time!

This image by SuperDewa holds so much story in the shape of a water carafe and the bokeh person in the background.

And finally this image by Kristina of two simple shoes surrounded by lots of negative space is full of childhood dreams.

What about you – if you have any minimalistic images to share, I would love to see them!

And don’t forget to share your New Year resolutions, photographic or otherwise, in the Theme pool in January.