I do believe the world is divided into two, dog lovers and non dog lovers, I am in the former category and sometimes I do worry I am a tad obsessed with them. I talk to my dogs constantly and occasionally  I do prefer them to people.  There are some amazing dog photographers out there, one of my favourites is Tim Flach, his shots of dogs are truly inspired and he has produced the most stunning coffee table book, I could look at it for hours. I also recommend looking at this wonderful slide show of underwater dogs by Seth Casteel. If you want to see a cute dog every day you could be one of seventy three thousand followers of @cosmothedog on instagram too.
Quite a few of us here at mortal muses are dog lovers – here are my two Hetty and Mintie

A very handsome Parker belongs to Meghan
Lovely Willow belongs to Urban muser 
polaroid pup
The gorgeous Rosie belongs to Cara
rosie and the little red leaf.

An equally handsome Major belongs to Holly
Wanting to Run
There are so many fantastic shots of dogs in the everyday beauty flickr pool, I love this shot by Yoostynaa
What you're looking at?
Moses looks fantastic here
Image by Mamatronic
This cute face is very hard to resist – image by Rivendell
One very contented dog
Parker's Christmas gift
Parker by Marciabilyk
And finally slycat54
promise broken
Do keep all your wonderful dog photographs coming, we love seeing your fantastic shots in the flickr pool, thank you so much for being part of this wonderful community. Oh, and don’t feel left out if you are a cat lover, I also love my cat and will be balancing the animal world out at a later date.