A really great way to get inspired is to seek out collaborations. You can do one yourself, or just peruse the teamwork of other collaborators for some new ideas!

Maybe you decide to read “A Year of Mornings” or check out their blog. Or maybe you decide to do your own with a friend! They certainly weren’t the first or only people to do this, and it can be a really special thing to share with a friend.

kirstin a year of mornings

Maybe you collaborate with your family, where, instead of telling them when and where you’d like to shoot them, you reach out and ask for their ideas, and start a new Saturday routine of adventure and photography with your kids.

Maybe you and a friend decide to shoot a roll of film twice, once through on her end and the other on yours (I’m trying this one out!)

Maybe you try out diptychs to collaborate two of your images.

Maybe your collaboration is all about you and your love.


Maybe you reach out to someone you’ve never met, except online, and propose a blog or project you could try together. It could be the next “A Year of Mornings,” who knows?

Or maybe you just make it a point to meet that flickr friend you’ve never met and talk shop, combining forces either in photography or just friendship!


In either the process or the product, as the viewer or the doer, try out a collaboration and let us know how it goes. If you already have an idea, let us know in the comments so we can all learn from each other. I’m very excited to see what this month could bring. And if you’ve already done something awesome in the past, please share that with us this month as well!