For today’s feature I’ve challenged a guest, Leigh Love, to shoot 4 images with a mobile device within 24 hours and to share her story here.

Leigh’s days are spent at her drafting table designing outdoor spaces for her clients and in her car as the personal chauffeur for Jack and Molly. She always has her eye open for her next shot with her iphone or Nikon. Often times she can be found outside in the perfect light capturing candid moments between families.

What (film/mobile) cameras do you shoot with? Do you have a favorite?

I’m head over heels in love with my iphone 5. I feel a bit like I am cheating on my Nikon D700, but the convenience and ease of my iphone keeps me coming back for more. I have tried countless times to keep a written journal and fail miserably after the first week. The iphone allows me to keep a photographic daily journal. Every few months I will print out my instagrams in a blurb book. My phone has also made it very easy to keep up with my 365 project which this year I have tied in to my word for 2013 which is “be”. I hashtag all of my 365 photos #loveleeokc_365 so I can keep them all together.

What do you love most about (film/mobile) photography?

Oh there is so much to love! I love the convenience of always having a camera within reach. I’m able to capture little glimpses of my day that I would probably end up forgetting the next. I love all the editing apps that allow me to really create something new and sometimes unexpected. I also love the community of instagram that gives me daily inspiration from amazing artists who all show me different ways to see everyday life.


I spent a few days during spring break in Dallas, Texas. My kids and I visited the Perot Museum of Nature and Science where Molly learned some interesting facts.

What or Who inspires you?

In my daily life I’m a landscape designer and nature is a huge inspiration for me. Especially with the olloclip which brings my love of macro photography to my iphone. I never get bored of looking for ways to showcase the little details that often are easily overlooked. My kids inspire me. They inspire me to capture everyday moments for our busy life so that I will always remember age 6 and age 10. I’m inspired to see things in a new way by either flipping my photos for #life_upside_down, and by shooting a tree that has become somewhat of an icon here in Oklahoma #treecultokc and by finding new ways to photograph myself while sitting in carpool line #carpoolreflections.

I’m inspired by all my fellow instagrammers. Christy’s (@urbanmuser) poetic and thought provoking self portraits always leave me wondering how did she do that. Barbara ‘s (@mthoodmama) hipstamatic photos are always paired with the perfect words. Meredith (@camerashymomma) and Kristin’s (@mainemomma) incredible self portraits that are so true, honest, fun, whimsical and reflective show me that’s it’s not always about the pretty, it’s about the proof. Whenever I see a coffee mug in the morning, Major’s cheery face or a CTYW (Cheers to your weekend shot) I am immediately connected again to Holly(@soupatravelers). Kirstin’s (@kirstinmckee) beautifully composed tabletop photos always make me wishing I was enjoying that meal with her. Kim’s (@kimklassen) ability to always find the perfect light and texture leaves me chasing the light in my own house. Tracey’s (@traceyclark) ability to elevate the everyday reminds me that every shot is worthy. When I come across piercing blue eyes and red hair I immediately recognize Meghan (@meghandavidson) and her introspective self portraits. And I have to mention my friend Audrey (@mamaowlphoto) who kills me with her cuteness and love of life. I could go on and on…..just too many to list. Please know that if I follow you on instagram that you are an inspiration to me! I feel lucky to be surrounded by such creative people.

photo 1

While I was in Texas, I was so happy to meet up with Terri Porter (@terriporter) and Kelly Ishmael (@kellyish) at the Dallas Arboretum. The tulips were in full bloom!

What was your happiest/worst photographic moment & why?

My happiest moments are those times when I download my photos and as soon as I see it on the screen I feel an emotional response to it. It may not always be the best shot technically, but it’s a capture of emotion that speaks to me. With portrait work my goal is to create snippets of everyday life. I know that I have done my job when a client tells me that I captured their child’s personality perfectly. I want to tell a story with my photos. When it comes to macro work I try my best to honor my muse and my provider, mother nature. I search out the details that are often overlooked and do my best to bring them center stage. My worst photographic moment was a few years ago when a friend finally convinced me to take photos of her kids. I thought the shoot had gone really well until I downloaded the photos and realized I had neglected to check my ISO which was set on 1200. Needless to say the grainy photos did not make for pretty portraits.

photo 4

Ranunculus are easily in my top 5 of favorite flowers!

Final thoughts for our readers

Don’t underestimate the power of your iphone. A lot of people try to tell us that you are not a photographer if you shoot with an iphone, but there is so much more to iphoneography then just opening the camera and clicking the shutter button. Explore some of the amazing editing apps that are out there and have fun playing around with them. Iphoneography really allows you to be creative and there is no better place to be inspired than Instagram.

photo 3

It was a quick trip, but luckily the 3 hour drive home was an easy one.

Leigh is a contributor at Focusing on Life, a collaborative blog. Instagram is part of her everyday routine where you can find her @loveleeokc. She is proud to say that she was born and raised in Oklahoma and loves to show the beauty of her state through her photographs. You can find her portfolio at

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