On Sunday, I returned home after spending five glorious days in San Francisco. Although I’d passed through briefly once before, outside of visiting the Golden Gate Bridge, I didn’t have time to experience much more. On this visit, however, I enjoyed a full sampling of San Francisco’s charms.

Since this month’s theme is Diptychs, I thought I’d try my hand at creating a series of duos about my recent trip. Because many of my clients require horizontal galleries, shooting vertically does not come naturally to me. I often have to remind myself to turn my camera on its side capturing my view from a vertical perspective. In fact, I rarely shoot in “portrait” style, so this exercise was a great experience in thinking outside of “my” box.

From leisurely dog walks with my host Hillary and Daisey in her Mill Valley neighborhood…


…to a trip “over the mountain” into my other host Kim’s favorite hiking grounds, Muir Woods.


We met friends out for drinks at Pier 23…


…and savored Sonoma’s charms with lunch at The Girl and the Fig.

Diptychs-05 Diptychs-06

Hillary hosted a gathering for my friends from back East…

Diptychs-08Diptychs-07 Diptychs-09

…and then followed the next day by exploring China Town with my fellow photo sisters,

Diptychs-10 Diptychs-11 Diptychs-12

…ending, of course, with another delicious feast.

Diptychs-13 Diptychs-14

Have you been on a trip lately? Consider piecing together your next vacation’s photos “Diptych Style” to experience double the memories while looking back over your trip. If you need some tips on getting started with diptychs, check out Kirstin’s post from last year where you’ll find great pointers on how to do it right.

Until next time,

Holly ~ Soupatraveler