“You cannot depend on your eyes if your imagination is out of focus.” – Mark Twain

Last month Holly introduced us all to the Indisposable Concept and I for one, was immediately drawn to it.
The whole idea of getting a disposable camera and shoot for a week, 24 images of the things that were well, indisposable was exactly what i needed.
My Pentax was nesting a place in my heart and the 7 rolls of film were sure proof that I was, in fact, falling in love with film again. But something was still missing.
Because I never really had fancy cameras growing up, disposables were usually all I could afford, and would use on school trips and marvel at the magic of what my eyes captured.
Most images would later fill the cabinet doors in my room and my heart with sweet teenage memories.
Red eyes, blurred images and the beautiful – ahem – flash glare were at that time, something I found very amusing, along with crooked landscapes. This would drive my grandfather insane and would later be the reason for me to get the rolls developed without his assistance.
I always liked the smell of the Kodak store.

Getting a disposable was not that hard as I often buy them for my kids when we go on walks or short trips, knowing they will use it in one day and one day alone. Until the Indisposable Concept fell on my lap I never really thought about the impact the little yellow boxes would have on their memories.
So you see, not only it prickled the memories in my heart, it also filled the little hole of photography love. The let go feeling, no cropping, just point and shoot.

1 roll of film, 1 week, 24 moments.

Thank you for that.

The original post went up on a Film Friday so by Monday, I was holding my beloved yellow disposable.
I knew i would have a good week for shooting that would involve a bus trip and different settings so it was absolutely perfect. Immediately a couple images came to mind of what was truly Indisposable to me and what i wanted to share with the world.
Because that is the whole point yes?
You capture with your finger what your eyes see your imagination creating. And then you pass it along for someone else to accept it.

This first roll was made of green slime memories, post office trips, the usual walks (well, obviously) my new rocking chair and a couple other indisposable moments.
Moments captured on film, with the hovering doubt of not knowing which ones would come out. Moments captured on digital as well, just to make sure but that would later be no match to the developed beauty.

Moments that stopped me on my feet with the memories of my first love, and the thought of realizing the place where we met had a red door.
Had it always been red? I wouldn’t be able to tell you because I do not remember that door ever being closed. Maybe it was blue at some point but that day, that split second it took for my eyes to absorb the information and pass it along to my brain, it was red.
The color that makes the corner of my mouth to rise up ever so slightly, on what we call a smirk. The involuntary reaction to red.

So really, this week was about creating and remembering memories, looking closely and letting go.
Which basically, could be photography in a nutshell.

Now get a disposable, go outside and click.