María Pons is a mama, a self taught photographer, and a teacher. She picked up her first big girl camera in 2010 and has not been able to put it down since. Her work is inspired by personal feelings with the world around her, fascinated by trying to evoke her own view of everyday living. She enjoys early morning coffees, long road trips with her husband and three children, and being alone with her camera.

My heart skips a beat when I see a yellow school bus parked under a tree bursting with red and orange Fall leaves. I stop to stare at crayons and gummy bears and, when it rains, I long with all my heart for a rainbow to appear. I want blue and purple scarves, I want watercolors and dirty brushes, I want color. I crave color. Every day of the year, that’s all I want to shoot. Color.


I look at my fellow photographers who prefer black and white and, while I do admire the elegance, the joy of contrasting light and dark, the nostalgia for styles of the past, I can’t help but ask myself: “Don’t they see it? Don’t they feel it?”… It’s out there, it’s around us, it’s what we see when we open our eyes in the morning – it’s alive! Alive for us to take in and enjoy, alive for us to shoot and keep, a color memory of how we see our world and how we choose to remember it.


And so I choose to frame my world in color. Because I’m alive, because I’m out there and I feel it. I feel the vibrancy, the boldness and the sparkle that being alive means. Color photography teaches me that the world around me is bustling with energy and so is every single day I live in it. Whether it’s a yellow sunrise, a green spring morning with a million colored flowers in your back yard, a blue sky in the middle of a summer day, or a gray, rainy afternoon, you never see the same colors, just like no day is ever the same. Whatever colors I see that day, that’s how I know what it might hold for me. Of course, sometimes I don’t know how my day might end, but that’s a whole new spectrum…


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