Oh goodness friends, the Everyday Beauty pool is BURSTING with amazing right now. It was hard to pick these from the mix, but I decided on a tree/leaf theme because the hills in my city (Reno, NV) have veins of yellow mixed into the usual browns. All the aspen trees are glowing right now. The older neighborhoods in town are filled with golden, orange, reds, and fading greens. Mother Nature is such a magician, isn’t she?

Get out there and enjoy, Vanessa

My creation

1.Anna Marcelle,  Woman in Nature, 2. Katie (runmomrun66), Fields & Fog, 3. mmartinsson,  A walk in the park, 4. essie {jane},  sunny autumn (and an announcement!), 5. Patricia Davidson, Fall Reflections along the Umpqua, 6joy.jordan, . a new day, 7.meeganz,  autumn in my hood, 8. Sandra H-K,  Autumn Leaves, 9. taralees, rain, 10. Julia Goss Photography, Fall Bouquet, 11. elke1403, 294:365 – good morning monday, 12. corinnaho, colors of October, 13. beth~yellowhousedays, 10:18:365