Pretty darn excited to have an interview and photos in the #RGJ today. #hashtaghashtaghashtag  #homemeansnevada #thinkreno #thisisreno

Ever wonder if you can make a difference in your community? Muse Vanessa Simpson did and decided to do something about  it by sharing photos of her hometown and tagging them #homemeansnevada, #biggestlittlecity &  #thisisreno. By embracing her love for Reno and sharing her personal vision of this “biggest little city” with the world, Vanessa caught the eye of a popular local blog in her community, Reno Rebirth, who interviewed her and featured 10 of her images in their Sunday section of the local newspaper, the Reno Gazette Journal. They even used a part of the interview as the opener of a recent blog post too: Hashtag heroes: Social media tags help spread the word about great things in Reno.

Just a regular day, meeting awesome artists and taking photos. #ilovemyjob #thisisreno #biggestlittlecity #reno Biggest Little #homemeansnevad #biggestlittlecity #thisisreno

“I think Reno gets a bad rap. I have a good following on Instagram and Flickr from all over the country and the world, and I want to get people past the ‘Reno 911’ stigma. There are so many awesome things in this town that are happening.”
– Vanessa Simpson (quoted in the article!)

Congratulations Vanessa!  We are so proud of what you are trying to do for your community and the difference you have made!