Over the weekend I was digging around in my archives for an image and came across one of my old TTV photos. Through the Viewfinder or  TTV for short, is a technique of using two cameras to achieve a single image. While these images may look like I was using the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone, it’s much more than that. OVdayt09_ttv1

The effect is achieved by rigging an old twin lens camera and shooting down into the viewfinder with another camera, in this case, my DSLR. From the moment I saw this technique, I HAD to try it.  I first attempted the process by using my Yashica, but found the weight of the camera (the yashica is a heavy beast) made it akward and I also wasn’t up for taping and messing up my camera. I was on the hunt, I successfully located a Kodak duaflex at the thrift store and set to work.  Using painters tape and a discard cereal box, I created the “contraption“. Despite looking like a bit of a crazy person while out and about with the set up, I have truly taken some of my most favorite, nitty-gritty images this way.

ttv cracker-snacker

desktent aka hotel room

Golden and blue...A few things I found along the way, the brighter the colors and the sunnier the spot, the better.  I could get in there and clean up the viewfinder and lens a bit, but I like the character it gives my photos. From details of a flower or my boy’s sparkling blue eyes to the big bad Pacific Ocean, TtV does a little magic trick on them all.

Tulips 6


Main StreetHave you tried this technique? I would love to see what you have done. Share a link with us in the comments to your work. Want to know more on how to get started? There is a great group on Flickr to get you inspired, and I wrote up a tutorial on my personal blog a very long time ago about getting all set up.  I hope this inspires you to try something new!

Happy snapping, Vanessa