I have long enjoyed Lynn’s work, in the Mortal Muses flickr pools and elsewhere, and no wonder: she lives in Wales – an area high on my list to visit, what with my love for everything British – has an adorable basset hound called Rosie and shoots Polaroid! I am so happy that she said yes to share some of her work with us here today. -Jenny

I am thrilled to have been asked to share a guest post with you today.

I love how looking through a camera gives a moment to stop and really see what is around us. The little captures of light and moments. lmcge-1

To me the joy of photography is finding these moments all around me. The light dancing from a curl of steam or the glistening gems of dew on a spider’s web in the early morning give me the same thrill. lmcge-2

Walking to work and seeing my town, all one street of it, come to life gives me the same joy. lmcge-3

Some mornings the light is hidden behind a heavy Winter fog, but still there is something beautiful the camera can see. lmcge-4

For me, ultimately, whether I am photographing home, family, food or the scene around me, it is about finding that gleam of light, that moment of interest. It is what keeps me forever in love with the magic we can capture with whatever camera we use when we click that little shutter.

Thank you Lynn for sharing the beauty of your world with us! More of Lynn’s work can be found on flickr and instagram.