The forecast for the week was rain. Plenty of it.
I, of course, had plans for park adventures and magical photoshoots, beautiful sunsets and plenty of opportunities for black and white moments.

That’s my “thing” for 2014.
No 365 (unless they happen unplanned) images of anything, no preference of digital over film, just a natural inclination to whatever happens.

Let the chips fall where they may.

As the rain showed no intention of stopping, I shook my head (and my shoulders and my feet) and opted for a 4 in 24. Whatever happened, I would definitely be able to capture four moments in 24 hours.


Let us begin with a breakfast of homemade pancakes and apple sauce gifted by neighbor friends (thank you universe, I did ask for a bigger sense of community!), what could go wrong with pancakes?

My camera has a little attitude problem that occurs whenever I put it aside for more than a week. When I return, I always have the feeling that all pictures are out of focus, or plain weird.

This eventually sorts itself out the more I use it but never fails to happen.
(Am I alone here? Any of you have this happen with your cameras?)

I completely forget that with this lens, I always need to zoom otherwise the corners of my images look like they are bent.
The more I shoot, I tend to stay on 50mm so this rarely happens, but it did today.

Little hands steal pancakes as they come out of the frying pan so I need to move fast, like a true ninja, and shoot while they are busy with something.

“It smells so good mom!”

Too late. I’ll need to wait for another batch…

The rain makes for a beautiful soundtrack and we keep one window open, as the breeze becomes a nice reminder of winter and the apple sauces makes me want to bake a cake. I could bake all day and just be happy and done with it.

I have successfully plugged in the Super Nintendo (that calls for a cake celebration yes?) and oddly I seem to have everything in order.

I check and smile, proud of this moment of mine.
Everything else can wait.

The afternoon is then filled with pleads of “Please mom, just this castle, you are really good at beating them!” and more pancakes.

I guess some days you can have pancakes for all meals, but not today.
Today we slowly dip our feet on school lessons and dive into mushroom land, try to save a princess, gather coins, talk about real coins and how many we need to get a new game, more books, a cabinet to store all the books, make plans and requests for crochet toys and laugh between many attempts to take a picture jumping.

There is just not enough light to make it.
I guess it’s best to make some potions, grab a wand, a cape and a hat and practice spells.

The Fellowship of the Ring is once again by my side as the day ends.

I think to myself “I would like to do a 365 Mornings…”
Ha. Some things never change.

Now, go outside and click. Unless you’d rather stay in.