When I first learned that I would be choosing this month’s theme, the first word that came to mind,  with Valentine’s Day being in February, was “love.” Now, I know that not everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day, and the word “love” itself can conjure romantic connotations, so I wanted to broaden the theme a bit to something that involves reaching out to each other in the community of online and mobile photography that we all participate in daily. Sharing the love, so to speak!

So, during the month of February here at Mortal Muses, our monthly theme is Collaboration.

As photographers, we often tend to work alone. We shoot alone, we sit in front of our computers editing alone, and it is easy (I’m speaking for myself here, too) to fall into isolation. While I think solitude is beneficial to us as photographers, collaboration is also very important, as it can expand our ideas and creativity. Working with another photographer can help us look at the world, and our photography, in a completely new way.

This time last year, we were running a similar Collaboration theme, so be sure to check out these posts by Urban Muser and Cara (tumbleweedineden) highlighting some fantastic collaborations.

The sky is the limit when it comes to ideas for collaborations, but here are a few more to get you started:

The Doubles Project

Steph Parke and Vanessa Morrow have an ongoing (and might I say beautiful) collaboration that involves double-exposing film. One of the things that I love most about this project is the element of chance involved with the double-exposures.

If you are a film lover, a double-exposure collaboration with a friend would be a wonderful way to experiment. You shoot a roll, rewind, send it to your friend, and then let them shoot on top of your exposures.


 deuxpieces on Instagram

“An image taken by one of us, complemented by the other. Both could stand alone but sometimes it takes two – a deux-pièces”

Corinna and Elke have a gorgeous, fun and smart collaboration that you can follow on Instagram. This is the perfect example of how two photographers can take separate photos that, as Corinna and Elke suggest, could stand on their own, but something magic happens when the two are placed together.



This collaboration is multi-faceted in that it not only combines images and words, but the contributors are women from all walks of life. What is striking about this collaboration is that it combines images and text from women on their own life journeys, but carries with it a beautiful narrative.



These are just a few ideas to get you started, and maybe you already have an on-going collaboration that you would like to share with us. Please share your Collaboration images with us in the Mortal Muses Flickr Pool!