My mobile photography has taken a hit lately. Work has been over-full, not leaving me any time to be shooting much of anything with the exception of my 365 Impossible Self-Portraits project. It’s saddened me to be away from Instagram, not sharing my iPhone shots, but I know this won’t always be the case. Work will let up, and I’ll be a happy camper shooting away on my phone and with my many cameras.

Until that time comes, I thought I would share with you some mobile photography that is Blowing. Me. Away. Looking through our Mortal Muses Mobile Monday Flickr pool, I was stopped in my tracks at the pure art that many photographers are creating with their mobile shots. Just take a look at these images…

From Kathy Clay
Piazza Navona
From Michelle Robinson
20.02.14  (Creative 365 Project)
From Erika Brothers
And from Geri Centonze
i Spy
I mean, really?!?! Pure art. I find these photos incredibly inspiring. They make me want to push my mobile photography (and all of my photography) up a notch. I hope they give you a jolt of inspiration, too.

I’d love to hear if you’re finding some inspiration in others’ mobile photography. Please share links to shooters or images in the comments!

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