I am working very hard to unlearn the english which comes natural to me.
Please enjoy the broken language as if it was a memory.
Go with the flow.

Days ago I received “Flow”.
I was surprised this person had a copy and received it with great joy.
The message inside caused instant smile, I felt like powder juice.

Just add water.

A mobile mosaic was made.
My hope for this month is that we take our worries aside.
That being said, our health points will improve if we dance with our naked feet.
Find the beauty in nature.
It awaits you.
Meet with friends.

Hold hands.

1. And the sun came out, 2. flickr.com/photos/93873818@N04/12940615554/, 3. winter evening, 4. Sunny morning in Chinatown (series), 5. saturday morning, 6. upload, 7. Untitled, 8. puddle reflections., 9. Theatre Lovers

Thank you for reading the broken poetry.
Now go outside and click. With the flow.