This corner at my inlaw's house is a favorite of mine in the morning. #moveitmoveit #morninglight #mortalmuses #mobilemonday #shuttersisters #ourcollective

We just moved. Not a move in the same city or even in the same state, but two states away. I am sitting in a Starbucks looking out at an incredibly clear and blue sky. In the distance I can see Mount Rainier in its snow covered glory. It’s pretty breath taking. New landscapes generally are.

Let the Adventure Begin!!! #moveitmoveit #tacomabound #tacomaorbustI am a desert kid at heart, so my skin isn’t quite sure what to do with all this moisture in the air and it sure does seem like it takes a lot longer for my tea water to boil here at sea level. I took the kids to the beach today and we looked for sea glass and tossed rocks into the water.


I am sharing some of the only photos I have taken in the past few days — all mobile. Not because I haven’t wanted to get my dslr or film cameras out, but because our computer and scanner are packed and our internet doesn’t get connected until tomorrow morning. But because the phone has been the easiest way for me to capture the changes in landscape and scenery as we move through the new spaces. The kids have also been snagging my phone the past couple of days and taking pictures. I like seeing how they are interpreting their new surroundings.


My five year old took this during our beach visit on Tuesday.

Part of moving is going with the flow. Until things get unpacked a bit more I will feel antsy about not editing photos and playing with my paints. It’s times like this when I realize how much I depend on my creativity to sooth my soul. Until things get settled and I know more than two people in this town I will have to go with the flow of being anonymous, and that is a little scary and a bit exciting too! I am hoping that my camera works its magic and leads me to good people like it did in Nevada (I miss you photografriends!). I just have to trust the process and not get too overwhelmed with it all as I find my way.