Filling the frame with bright colours, movement, sunshine and smiles, Xanthe‘s work centres around family life and adventures…
A wide variety of projects keep her photography and film business busy. From guiding and inspiring others through her online courses to her relaxed photo session reportage – capturing everyday moments and cataloging these memories is her passion.

Xanthe is an Instagram fan – you’ll find her there daily – mooching around London capturing the colourful details or urban delights and sharing snippets of family life, or exploring the outdoors with her love of camping, nature and good times around the campfire.

Each photo taken holds a little story. It’s the key to a memory. An example of what you were doing, or what you were feeling at that moment. You might take the photo to remember something, or over time a photo taken will be the trigger to that memory.

I photograph details of my life, the people I know & love and the places I go… all in the hope that in 1 year, 5 years or 10 years from now, I can browse through my images and be transported right back to that time and have the feelings wash over me.


As a big believer in printing my photos, there are frames on the wall, photos scattered around our home or put into boxes – I place random images altogether creating my own Time Capsule.

I find joy holding a photo in my hands, rather than searching through files & folders on a hard drive.


Do you print your images regularly?

I hope so, but if you’ve found yourself trapped with stacks of images locked on your devices. . .will you consider setting them free?

Upload to the many wonderful online places to print, or visit your local lab. . .I know there’s often debate about the quality of printed images and do the colours look right etc…


In years to come, none of that will matter. I know this to be true, as I’m currently shifting through 1000s of my printed images from last 25 years, for a big birthday project coming up. The quality of the image or even the composition don’t seem to matter to me. . .it’s the story inside the frame and the memories I’m soaking up.

I challenge you to print your favourite images from the last month or so. . .I know you’ve got at least one, but probably heaps more. Put one in a frame or sit some on a windowsill or mantle place. You could tuck a chosen photo away in an album or your notebook. Or even begin a box of images just like my Time Capsule boxes.

You be pleased you did. Not just today, but in years to come.

If you like the idea of shooting photos and then printing them. . .my latest e-course is all about that. There’ll be photo projects and prompts to inspire you to shoot your stories and then encouragement to print your images to put into your own Tangible Time Capsule.

And if you’d like to win a place in my new TANGIBLE time capsules course with photo prompts and encouragement to print your images, just leave a comment telling me all about a favourite photo you’ve shot recently. A winner will be picked at random on the 17th of March. 


• This giveaway is now closed and the winner is Anne Berit. Thank you all for your lovely comments.