Sigh. Just when we thought spring was really going to arrive here in Ottawa, we woke up yesterday morning to fresh snow falling. All told we got about 15cm overnight and today; dashing my hopes (or at least prolonging my expectations) of colour returning to my pretty city. Looks like we’ll be in the land of the greys for a little while longer.

Unlike the seeming never-ending greys outside my windows, these greys, found in the Mortal Muses Mobile Monday Flickr pool, I can happily take. Heck, I can stare at them for ages and not feel the screaming need for colour.


 1. Cooking in front of The Mission, San Xavier del Bac 2. bundled. 3. Ignore the ignorant, for they blur our mind and make us weak 4. Untitled 5. The Scars of Your Love 6. Just a snap 7. Butterflies on kite strings 8. 29.03.2014 (Creative 365 Project)  9. You will meet a tall dark stranger