Have you ever started something for fun? No plans for “why,” you’re doing it, it’s happening “just because.” Kind of like singing the Sanford and Son theme song whenever you dust or dancing in the shower to music to start your day. (You do that too right?) Maybe it even becomes a habit, and your day feels lacking unless this ritual takes place. Sound familiar, It’s happened to me. In fact, I’m living it right now.

Good Morning!

For the past 1000 days I’ve been taking a photo of my morning cup of coffee “from where I stand.” In some ways it feels like I’ve been doing this forever, this new habit that I’ve created. One that makes me happy, a daily creative exercise to challenge my sleepy brain jolting it awake through a combination of caffeine and mental exercise. Did I ever tell you I’m not a morning person? Half of the year I’m shooting in my pajamas, and in the winter I’m rarely without my cozy, worn slippers to keep me nice and toasty warm.

Good Morning!

Since I last shared my thoughts on this project 500 days ago, it has received an official name: The Mug Chronicles, for which I have muse Vanessa Snow to thank, and it has it’s very own website dedicated to these 1000 mornings and those to come. My “Good Morning Coffee” shots have evolved over time with new themes emerging into this ritual of “me” time, this habitual grounding that takes place every day. But I also fall into the pattern of “old faithfuls,” regular compositions I often fall back on when my creative muscles are still asleep. Today, I thought I’d give you a list of ideas to help keep your daily photo project feeling fresh, exciting and new!

My top 10 Tips for Keeping a Daily “Themed” Photo Project Alive

1. Seek Out Shapes 

Good Morning! Good Morning! Good Afternoon! Good Morning!

2. Seek Out Repetitive Patterns

Good Morning. Good Morning! Good Morning friends! Good Afternoon!

3. Look for Interesting Reflections

Good Morning! Good Morning! Good Afrernoon! Good Morning!

4. Creative Groupings Tell a Story

Good Morning! Good Morning! Good Morning! Good Morning!

5. Record Emotional Connections 

Good Morning! Good Afternoon! Good Morning! Good Morning!

6. Explore Perspective for Diversity

Good Morning! Good Afternoon. Good Morning!Good Morning!

7. Use light to Portray Mood

Good Evening! Good Morning! Good Morning! Good Morning!

8. Selective Cropping Adds Compositional Interest

Good Morning!  Good Afternoon! Good Morning! Good Morning!

9. Add props to Share Time and Place

Good Morning! Good afternoon! Good Morning! Good Morning from Manayunk with my favorite 'lil pumpkin!

10. Less is More 

Good Morning! Good Morning!Good Morning! Good Morning from Manayunk

Last but not least, when things get boring, enlist a friend for some inspiration, put on some music and dance!

Goooooood Mooooorning!!!

Above all have fun!

Good afternoon!

I hope these tips help keep your daily project fresh and full of life. As for me, I’ll be snapping my morning coffee for the next couple of months as I close in on year three before deciding if the end is in sight.

Until Next time,
Holly ~ Soupatraveler