After gratefully finding my photo mojo again in New York City, I wondered if and how I would keep it going back here at home. Admittedly, I didn’t quite find the flow right away upon my return. Back in the regular flow of work and the usual busy-ness I found myself back to my previous routine of sporadic Instagrams of my dog. I thought about Meghan’s post on her roadblocks to shooting in New York and, in turn began thinking about my own roadblocks to shooting in my daily life.

Daily life can be so busy and many of us survive by building solid routines. Routines are expedient and in some ways comforting, but they are not necessarily conducive to recovering and cultivating photo mojo. I realized that if I want to keep the photo roll going, I was going to have to find a way to shake up my routine to find a place for it.

Now, my dog is tiny – just a 4 lb. bundle of love. He’s also not always thrilled to get out and walk on the leash. I, however, love the opportunity to get out in the neighbourhood so out we go. I live in the city centre, which means busy streets that can be overwhelming for my tiny companion. My search for quieter streets for walking has led me to discover little surprises that just demand to be photographed.

Like a vintage red FIAT



And cute house-fronts.


Sweet front porch vignettes.


And lilacs in the sunshine.


By shaking up my routine and walking new paths I managed to find photo-worth vignettes on every block. This the same feeling I get when I travel to a new city and it’s really a joy to find it within a few blocks of my house. I have plans to beat new paths with my tiny companion all sumer. Gotta keep that photo mojo going.