FIP (4 of 5)If you are one of our readers who lives in the good ol’ U.S. of A. I am sure you are celebrating in one way or another. Today, you are more than likely watching a parade, claiming your patch of grass for the fireworks, sipping on a cold beverage, and enjoying picnic food.

FIP (1 of 5)If you wanted to find me, I am hanging out in a  small California town with a big old smile on my face.  I am soaking in the sounds of the cousins playing in the driveway and the smell of pine trees and sagebrush in the air. I am getting ready to dig in to my mother-in-law’s famous mac salad and probably laughing at a joke my brother-in-law just made.

FIP (5 of 5)It will be a lazy day of family and friends. Maybe a visit to the hammock, or a stroll to the Mill Pond to cool off.

FIP (3 of 5)What ever you are doing today, I hope your celebration is wonderful and safe.  And if you aren’t one of our American readers (or you are abroad at the moment), get out to your happy place today and enjoy the day!

FIP (2 of 5)*All photos for today’s post were taken using my Polaroid Land Camera 103 using Fuji film at the family cabin in Greagle, California.

Keep chasing that light, Vanessa Simpson