If you’re just starting out shooting film, you’re probably wondering where to buy it and where to develop it. I thought I’d start a list of resources for just that very reason. I put out a call to my various photography communities to share their resources. What follows is a list of various labs and supplies on three continents in a variety of cities around the world. Overwhelmingly, North Americans buy their film in the United States with multiple options to choose from. Please add your favorites in comments to share with our community! Happy Snapping friends!

Holly ~ Soupatraveler


Film Sales

Film Developing

The Darkroom
Film Box Lab
Film Rescue International (Development for damaged film)
Indie Film Lab
Iris Photo (Northhampton, MA)
Little Film Lab
Philadelphia Photographics (Philadelphia)
Photoworks SF
t heFINDlab


Film Sales
United Kingdom
Sendean Cameras (London, Film)
UK Film Lab (Developing)
Urban Outfitters (Film Sales)
Digitalab (Film Sales & Developing)

Dublin, Ireland
John Gunn Camera Shop
(Fujifilm Sales & Developing)

Oslo, Norway
Aker Foto (Developing)
Preus (Developing)

lofico (Film Sales)
Prism Imaging (Developing)
Vanbar Imaging (Film Sales & Developing)
Allchromes (Film Sales & Developing)
ProLab (Developing)
Fotofast (Film Sales & Developing)


Photo Warehouse (Film Sales & Developing)
Film Soup (Developing) 
PCL (Developing & Exhibition Quality Printing)