I had the pleasure to meet Kendra at Camp Shuttersisters in 2011 and I have long admired her playful spirit as a photographer. Kendra is a great lover of and experimenter with film and I’m so thrilled that she’s sharing that love and some of her great film images with us today. – Debra

“Say cheese!”

Photo1Lyle Laflin

It was my grandfather who started this whole thing. He always had the latest model Polaroid in front of everyone, giving directions.

“Stand over there.”
“In front of that.”
“With your dad.”
“Put on your new coat.”
“Hold this up.”

Bi-Rite Flowers

By the end of the week’s visit, every flat surface in the entire living room would have a row (or two or three) of Polaroids on top. We would all walk by them slowly, taking in every one as if walking through an art gallery. Which of course, we were.

I’ve always had a film camera of some sort. Then came word, film was dying, we all needed to switch to digital. I tried it. The images were fun and I loved the ease of digital shots, but something was still missing. I never felt quite at home.

Napa Valley Wedding

On a day I wasn’t looking I found an SX-70 in the depths of a pawn shop. It was marked $39.95, the leather was original, but falling apart. But it appeared to be completely functional. Two of the guys in the photo group I was with offered to take it from me, they wanted it for parts. I said “No, I think I’m actually going to use.”

Chevy Truck

Memories came back in an instant. Thank you, Grandpa!

Thank YOU, Kendra!