Happy Mobile Monday, Mortal Muse Community! What an awesome week the past 7 days has been. We at Mortal Muses could not be happier with the response we have gotten from all of YOU about our redesigned website, all the new Flickr groups, the new features and columns, and all the goodies we have in store for this community. We are so excited and are thrilled you are with us on this next part of our journey.

As I was looking through the mobile photography shared in the Mobile Monday Flickr group, I was struck by two themes — texture and water. Here are 9 images from members of our MM community that really spoke to me as looked in the pool (no pun intended! well…maybe a little!).

1. Slow Erase, 2. August Break :: 8.13.12, 3. letting go, 4. to the shores of freedom, where no one lives, 5. I didn’t see the faint rainbow when I took this shot. Happy surprise., 6. Oregon at her best #sselevate, 7. Some lines are sharper than others.., 8. Untitled, 9. Altogether too good to miss

Also, a huge thank you to all of you who checked out our post announcing the all new and improved website for Mortal Muses. Your kind and enthusiastic comments were appreciated by all the Muses. And, I’m happy to announce that the winner of the Paper Coterie gift certificate is Vanessa (aka NessieNoodle on Flickr and Instagram)! WOOT!

Please do follow us on Instagram @MortalMuses and be sure to tag your photos #instamuse. And don’t forget to upload those mobile beauties onto Flickr and add them to our Mobile Monday Flickr group. We would love to showcase your mobile photography here on the website and on Instagram.

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Okay — get out there and shoot with those camera phones today! Maybe you’ll see life from a new perspective. We want to see!

Meghan of Life Refocused