Last weekend I was in Heidelberg in Germany visiting family. I had packed two cameras in addition to my phone, my dSLR and my Minolta SRT 100x, but didn’t touch my dSLR all weekend, because Heidelberg’s many Christmas markets, the lights, the atmosphere, smells, colours and sounds, were the perfect subjects to capture on 35mm film with my Minolta.

Santa was everywhere, and each market had its own merry-go-round or ice rink or children’s train…

…you could get all sorts of different things to eat and drink; glühwein (mulled wine), flammkuchen (sort of a pizza), sausages, lamb, gingerbread and zuckerwatte (spun sugar)…


And when you tired of the crowds and the noise, you could head down a side street and take in the peaceful side of Christmas.

The light was never particularly good. Fortunately 35mm film is so forgiving – especially if you’re like me not too concerned with perfect exposure – that I managed well with a shutter speed of 1/60, varying the aperture between f/2 at night and f/5,6 in overcast weather in daytime. I have a light meter app on my phone but rarely bothered to use it, so the results are slightly overexposed during daytime and slightly underexposed at night – but that’s all part of the charm of film in my opinion.

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~Happy Holidays from Jenny.