I know we are all obsessed with Instagram, and for good reason–it’s fun, fast and a great way to connect with other mobile photographers. But on this Mobile Monday I wanted to talk about other places on the web where I go to find community, inspiration, and the latest and greatest information on all things mobile.

Let’s start with photo sharing–there are two great communities out there that I’ve been visiting for the past couple of years…

iPhoneArt (or, IPA) is one of my favorites. On their homepage they describe their place on the interwebs as “a gallery. a workshop. a community of artists.” I think that sums it up well. On the one hand it is a great place to upload your favorite mobile photos (they can be from any mobile device, it’s not just for iphone users) and it’s similar to flickr in that you can like and comment on photos and add them to specific groups. I’ve found many an inspiring image and artist while browsing this site–it’s an amazingly talented group of people.

IPA also has a great discussion feature called “studio talk” where you can post questions, news, app reviews, the sky’s the limit.  And the community is so engaged and supportive–you can really learn a lot by participating. It’s free and easy to set up a user name. I’m Urban Muser over there (of course!) so stop by if you decide to give it a try. I usually interact with IPA from my laptop, but there is also an IPA app (iPhone only) if you want to share from your phone on the go!

The second photo sharing site that I want to tell you about today is EyeEm. I started sharing my photos on EyeEm a couple of years ago. It’s a great place to stop by for a dose of inspiration from their constant stream of images from around the globe. There is also an EyeEm blog that is informational and fun, with shooting tips and tricks, interviews and more.

Oh, and EyeEm has a mobile app as well, so you can share from your phone–this free app (for iPhone and Android) also has a bunch of filters, frames and other simple tools so you can edit your images before you share (similar to Instagram). And if you haven’t guessed, I’m Urban Muser over there too.

Besides these two sites for sharing, there are other blogs I like to visit for more educational purposes…

 Life In Lofi is an iphoneography blog founded by Marty Yawnick in 2009. It is a great resource for mobile photography gear and app reviews and has a companion flickr group where Marty goes to choose his feature photos for his “Faved on Flickr” series on the blog.


 iPhoneogenic was created by Edi Caves in 2010 and is known as “a place for highlighting the iphoneographer”. It is a one-stop shop for app and   product reviews, giveaways, and event/community news. Edi does a wonderful monthly roundup to highlight the work of mobile photographers from around the world–you can participate by submitting your images to his Iphoneogenic flickr group.


 Head over to iPhoneography.com and you will find Glyn Evans, the editor and creator of this informative and inspiring mobile photography blog since 2008. Glyn is a great source of mobile photography news and events, and also has a weekly showcase of inspiring mobile images pulled from his flickr group Through the Lens of an iPhone.


And finally, there is the newly created iPhoneographers Network. It’s sort of like the “facebook” of the mobile photography world. Profiles, groups, friends, forums, the works. I admit I haven’t had time to play around there much yet, but it seems like it could grow into an interesting community so you may want to check it out.

There are many other sites out there that I often visit, these are just a few of my favorites. Do you have any places on the web where you find inspiration for your mobile photography adventures? Please let us know if you do!

Until next time,

Christy | Urban Muser