I’m a big believer in getting photos out of the computer and out into the world. We work so hard to take them – composing just right, adjusting aperture and shutter speed and re-composing so it’s just right – and then to process them to our satisfaction that it is an utter shame if they were never to see the light of day in tangible form. Now, for me, making prints isn’t necessarily practical. As an instant film shooter I already have hundreds of prints to store and display in my home, so when it comes to printing my digital photos, I’m a big fan of creating photo books.

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Books are a great way to save memories from a particular time period, like a vacation. Each of these three books holds memories from special, photo-centric trips I’ve taken.

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I made this one with Keepsy from Instagram shots of my trip to California a few years ago (oh the memories of those cute, low res, Earlybird Instagrams!).

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This little flip book I made with Paper Coterie with Instagrams and scanned Polaroids from a trip to Marrakesh, Morocco.

But my newest, and current favourite book is one I’ve just made with Artifact Uprising, with photos from my recent photo retreat in Tofino, British Columbia.

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The book is softcover, printed on gorgeous paper that reminds me of my Kinfolk magazines.

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Over the past few years books have become easier to make, with many companies offering different styles and relatively easy-to-navigate layout and design options. They make great souvenirs, great keepsakes and even great gifts! I’ll be making one for myself and for my travelling companion of my recent trip to Paris, just as soon as I process those photos!

Debra ~ Manifeisty