“No, no! The adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful time.”
– Lewis Carroll,
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

I have always been a big fan of adventures, leaps of faith, just grab-your-backpack-and-go kind of girl.
I have travelled around the globe on my own and with company. I have seen sunsets in my home town and snow falling in countries where words are not enough to express beauty.
I have wandered alone through streets and parks with destination unknown, I have never bought a map and what would sometimes seem like lost, was in fact, just a surprise adventure.

This is something I want to pass on to my children, friends and loved ones.
Go out more, travel, see the world.

One thing we can all be grateful for in our year of twenty fourteen is that, going places has become easier.
Be it by train, my favorite way of transportation, where I get to see all the trees my heart can handle, where the smell of the tracks evokes not only childhood memories but also implanted memories in my heart, of movies, situations, songs and moments that never happened to me, but in front of me.
Moments staring outside the window, where life asks for background music.

Be it by boat, and I’ll be honest here, I will never fully explore the wonders of boat traveling because of my fear of ocean water but, I’ve faced those fears on one or two occasions and it felt very much like freedom.
The rhythmic motion of the waves and the sound they make, rumbling against the boat, asking “come play” as the brave drops of foam kiss my toes…
I do believe, every time I need to make across the river dividing my two cities these are the memories that make me smile, when the sun hits just right over the water, making a silver coat of stars.

Those days, yes, I do believe I am someplace else.

Be it by plane, in my opinion, the least romantic of all transportations, due to its stubbornness to get to places fast and its ability to make me fall asleep, therefore missing out on any adventure that could arise.
The way people are on a plane, either worrying, or complaining, really makes it my least favorite.

I do wish one day, someone, somewhere. takes a gramophone aboard and cranks up the volume as Fréhel sings “Si tu n’étais pas là”
Maybe not everyone would like the song, but one thing we must agree on, it would be a great surprise.
Imagine the face of the crying babies and the business men in a hurry to get to their important meetings.
Imagine the grumpy old lady, no longer worrying about the size of her seat belt or the fact the window is too small…

Imagine that.

Imagine yourself in the corner, in that last seat no one wants.
You would have the biggest smirk on your face, because you knew, someone, somewhere, had had the same idea.

A plane could use a gramophone.

The world is up for discovery.

So, as Mary Oliver once wrote,
“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Now go outside and click.