By now you might get the idea that I love photographing books, as much as I love reading them. It’s true. I could spend hours placing pages, in just the right amount of light, to get the photo I am going for. I never tire of the beauty that finds it’s way into my lens, when shooting books.

I tried a few shots of this book and my daughter, not really coming up with what I wanted. When I began moving around and trying different angles, I shot over her shoulder. I captured a photo that made me smile, and that my daughter can look back on.

I love these open books plain, but when I added a prop, it really popped the books, while keeping the soft look I love.

I usually choose a smaller aperture number when book pages are open, then I set my camera to Al servo or One shot, to see what gives me a more blurry and funky look for the words on the pages. I am constantly playing around with my camera settings, it’s the only way I have come to get the photos I am most happy with.
I have often propped a page open with a paper clip or tape. I used a glue dot to hold the string and heart in place for this valentine photo.
Some of these old books were gifts, some I found in second hand stores. There are time I see old photos of my grandparents, from the 1940’s and 50’s, and if there are books in the background, I have been known to take a magnifying glass, to read the titles. That just interests me, I love to know what others love to read.
Placing flower petals on old tattered books, makes the books even more pretty.
To convey the story you are telling in your photos, sneak books in to help the story along.
Give a peek into your cookbook as you share a recipe.
Here I showed the books my son was reading, for the last couple of months of his being 16. I hope one day he looks back at this photo, and remembers what a star counting, dreamer he was.
Place books in morning light, it will surprise you every time. A casting shadow or a haze, can make all the difference in creating a pretty mood for your book photos.
This post isn’t really rocket science, it’s filled more with an approach than direction I suppose. To this day, I still carry my camera manual with me. Say it loud and proud, I still rock with my camera manual! lolI am a passionate book loving, camera toting kinda girl. I hope I have encouraged you to pick up your camera and have fun taking photos of what you love. 

Do you have a favorite item or trinket that you photograph? Please share with us in the comment section, I would love to read your words.

Christina {soul aperture}