Some days, it all feels hard. Each and every thing feels hard. It can come out of nowhere. You think to yourself, “yesterday was fine. I felt fine. Where did this  come from.” Yet, this is here now. And it feels hard. Uncomfortable. Disquieting. Restless. You look for ways to “fix it,” but the trouble is, you’re not sure what “it” is. This. You just know this showed up. It met you as you opened your eyes as you lie in bed. No, actually, it greeted you before you even fluttered your lids to meet the day. You could feel this. It settled unto your chest like a heavy weight. Totally uninvited, yet, this seems to have taken residence in your heart and mind. At least for today.

Unmade-Bed_rsThe good thing, one of the things I’m most sure of, is that this will pass. Knowing and trusting that everything changes, nothing lasts, including this, is comforting. So while today is one of those “some days,” you can crawl back in bed tonight. And perhaps, when your eyes flutter open tomorrow morning, this will be gone. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Meghan of Life Refocused