Can you believe these artful monochromes are mobile images? I know, it’s hard to believe. This collection of photos reminded me of early 20th century photographs.

As we wrap up the month of November and our Gratitude-themed images, I’d like to say this. I’m grateful for the inspiration and community found and shared here at Mortal Muses. You remind me to push ahead with my photography. To improve my practice and vision. To make art daily. Thanks for this and so much more.

mobile monochrome

1. Kathy Carey: Untitled, 2. Anne-Martine Parent: Tate Modern, London, 3. Lumilyon: Stillness and Silence, 4. Anne-Martine Parent: Nighthawks, 5. Eileen: mermaid, 6. Lumilyon: Untitled, 7. Alan Juillard: Still walking the line, 8. Alexey Ovsyannikov: Come to daddy, 9. Barbara Paulsen: Ion

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