I had a feeling this post would be a bit difficult to write, but I had no idea how difficult until just now when I began to write.


Mortal Muses was founded only a year or so after I first began my journey as a photographer. In the early days of my journey, Mortal Muses was an important source of inspiration and  community for me as I learned about my DSLR, and not long after that, my film cameras. If it weren’t for MM, I may have never discovered my love of the 35mm and instant film formats. MM, without a doubt, shaped me as a photographer and gave me the inspiration I needed to take me from pursuing a hobby I loved to having a career that fuels my soul.

When I was asked to become a Muse, I was thrilled beyond words! I remember looking up to the Muses so much in the early days, and I never thought I would have the honor of being a Muse myself. It feels strange to be in a position of being one of the last Muses after having been an admirer of this collective for so many years. It is bittersweet – while most of me is eager for our next adventure together, another more nostalgic side of me realizes that an important chapter for so many of us is coming to a close.

My hope is that you will all follow along with us on our next journey together. There will be more details to come, of course, but for now, I would like to thank all of you for your inspiration, friendship and support over the past few years.