Kirstin | London

Lives in London, with her husband, two children and a small zoo of assorted pets. She currently has two favourite cameras; the Nikon D800 and Contax 645. And yes, she carries those two cameras everywhere with her because she never knows when the moment might be right. Recently she’s been having a lot of fun with her husband’s Rollei and enjoys larking about with her Polaroid. She has a passion for trying to capture a personality in a portrait.

Superpower wish? …  it would be to be able to shrink all her camera gear into a small bag, Hermione-style and then resize it when necessary.

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Holly | Philadelphia

Holly is a freelance photographer and graphic designer based in Philadelphia on a personal quest to find the best life has to offer at home and abroad while shooting it along the way. When she’s not exploring the world with her expat husband, you can usually find her wandering the streets of her neighborhood Manayunk, with her expressive Aussie Major. She’s often up to her elbows in dirt nurturing her green thumb or drinking countless cups of coffee to an eclectic mix of music. She seeks inspiration through the lens of her camera.

Superpower wish? … invisibility to cross barriers and borders of all kinds unhindered by authority on the quest for that special shot.

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Debra | Ottawa, Canada

Born and raised on Canada’s west coast and now calls its capital city of Ottawa home. She spends her days in service to the Canadian public in exchange for a salary that lets her buy photography equipment and travel to interesting places to make use of it. Equal parts homebody and wandering spirit she can most often be found either in her kitchen whipping up tasty treats (to be styled and photographed, of course) or planning her next travel adventure (32 countries and counting!). Debra’s passion for photography was born as she saw her travel snapshots morphing into something slightly more “arty” and decided to explore further. Fast forward a few years to find her never more than arm’s length from one of her many cameras. She can most often be found trying to capture the beautiful and the quirky with her Canon 5D Mark II, her Polaroid SLR680 or her iPhone 4S.

Superpower wish? …  a facility for languages that lets her communicate with the locals on her travels without having to resort to some mix of English, French and charades.

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Nikki | Western MassachusettsNikki portrait

Grew up in Indiana and after living in Hawaii, Ohio, and Colorado, Nikki finally settled down in western Massachusetts along with her husband, son, and tiger cat. She cooks, writes stories, and makes photographs by day. By night, she reads as many pages of a novel as possible before falling asleep. An adventurer at heart, Nikki documents her travels and everyday life with her favorite cameras: the Hasselblad 500c/m, Holga 120N, Polaroid Spectra, and a Nikon D7000. Nikki learned photography in a college darkroom and has since translated her passion for both analog and digital formats into her photo workshop and ebook series.

Superpower wish? … To time travel to 1920’s Paris and live among the literary art circles who gathered there, including Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Picasso, Stein, Dali, Bunuel, Ray…much like Woody Allen’s film depiction of the era.

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Van | Almada, Portugalimage

This little muse lives in Portugal with her homeschooled duo and their fictional pets, Lola the goose, Sören the cat and Tomoya the turtle. She is very much into photowalks, which is her favorite way to see the world and if allowed she would probably walk from country to country. Has a special ability to decode patterns, learning languages and finding red. Shoots with Nikon D3100, Pentax and IPhone4. Sometimes Diana joins the fun but she only does what she pleases. This is ok with both of them. Professional rainbow catcher.

Superpower wish? … Duplication!!! Ability to create physical duplicates of oneself, like Naruto.

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The Time Traveling Pirate  |  Virginia, USAJennyWall_bio

Jenny the Time Traveling Pirate was born on the East Coast of Virginia so the ocean is in her blood. She currently lives in a little fishing town called Phoebus with her husband Adam, a small dog named Bella (who thinks she is a cat), a fat cat named Binx (who thinks he is a dog), and a grumpy tortoise named Charlotte Charles (who has no idea what the heck is going on). Jenny loves history, hair dye, road trips, welding, amateur astronomy, and fossil hunting. Most days she shoots with a Canon 5d Mark ii but on occasion she’s been known to bust out one of the many film cameras lining her mantel. Jenny is an adventurer, an explorer and an aspiring pilot. She has a strong affinity for scooters and small cars like her Smart Fortwo and the Mini Cooper she’s helping her husband restore. On an average day you can catch her plundering small ships off the coast of Fort Monroe or enjoying a lazy day knitting on her front porch.

Superpower wish? … The ability to talk to animals…because it would make helping lizards off the road a lot easier.

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Christy | New York City

Born and raised in northern New Jersey but finally made a permanent move across the Hudson River to live in Manhattan about ten years ago where she met and married her Hubs and rescued her dog Willow from the streets of Brooklyn. She can be found wandering the city with her iPhone both aboveground and underground searching for that perfect shot…and more and more in front of the lens trying to capture a self-portrait. She is mesmerized by bridges, an avid sports fan, a lover of all things vintage, and a pizza aficionado.

Superpower wish? … time-travel–so she could visit the 1920s to dress like a flapper, wear a cloche hat everyday, and take genuinely old photos instead of replicating the effects on her iPhone.

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Meghan | Lincoln, NebraskaTintype_profile

Originally from the East Coast currently lives in Lincoln, Nebraska with her partner and Labrador retriever. She’s a psychologist who works as a faculty member at a large university, and also maintains a small private practice working with clients to help them with their goals and dreams. A personal health crisis awakened Meghan to the truth of the old adage that “life is short.” She has jumped more fully into life, and photography is where she finds flow, beauty, and passion. She’s a lover of Polaroid, film, lomography, iPhoneography, and straight-up digital photography. You can find Meghan with at least 3 cameras on her at any time — usually her Polaroid SX-70, Canon AE-1 35mm, and her Canon T2i (hoping to upgrade to the Mark II or III soon!).

Superpower wish? … it would be teleporting so that she could travel the world for free and in the blink of an eye.

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Jenny | Oslo, Norway

Living in Oslo with her partner, Jenny is an academic-turned-administrator by day and a writer-turned-photographer by night. Because, when it comes down to it, writing and photography are two different ways of doing the same thing – telling stories. Her partner wonders why she needs so many cameras, but she tells him they are are all a little different. Current favourites include her Android phone, a Polaroid 650 and an analogue Minolta.

Superpower wish? … the ability to do housework in the manner of Mickey Mouse the Sorcerer’s Apprentice in Disney’s Fantasia (only with a bit more success!).

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Vanessa  |  Tacoma, WashingtonVanessa_bio

A small town girl at heart, Vanessa grew up in rural Northern Nevada and California. She remembers shooting with her very first camera at the age of eight, a Kodak/Fisher Price 110. These days Vanessa is likely to be seen with at least one of her favorite cameras; a Canon EOS 30d and 50mm lens, an iPhone, “Minnie” the Minolta SRT 100, a beloved Yashica LM TSLR,or (her favorite for film) the Polaroid 103. Vanessa recently said good bye to the 40 hour work week as a professional geographer and said hello to the 168 hour work week, also know as motherhood. She has a 4.5 year old son, a 2.5 year old daughter, a stinky mini-schnauzer and a patient, supportive husband. In non-mommy or photography moments, you might find Vanessa searching for, and teaching balance on the yoga mat (she is a certified yoga instructor), running the trails and hills of Reno, or packing up “Pop-up Penny” for a camping adventure with the crew.

Superpower wish? … to go back in time to shoot and develop film, “down the cellar” with her grandfather, and to have him travel forward in time so she could show him how to shoot and instantly share images with an iPhone.

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Anna  |  Georgia, USAAnna_bio_photo

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, raised in Cartersville, Georgia, currently an MFA candidate at the University of Georgia, you could say that she is a Georgia girl. Her husband, Evan Leavitt, is also a photographer, so photography and art are pretty much a 24/7 happening in her life. However, sometimes she has to take a breakfast/lunch/dinner break, which is really convenient, because cooking is one of her favorite activities. She has two cats that are, thankfully, fairly photogenic, and a betta fish, Sunshine, who never leaves the bedroom. In “real-life” she is an introvert, but uses photography and writing to step outside herself, and make sense of this amazing planet we call home.

Superpower wish? … Time travel, using the popular photographic methods for every time period she travels to.

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