As I mentioned in one of my posts last month, I am on an experimentation kick. I have been trying out a slew of films and new developing techniques. I have come to love the surreal, grainy, blue/cyan Color Implosion C-41 film by Adox.


The film canister itself says things like “Imploding Colors” and “Toxic Grain,” so I figured, “Why not, I’ll give it a try!”


I am usually not a fan of grain, but for some reason, I love the grain in this film. Maybe because it so obviously screams, “I am grain, hear me roar!” It isn’t accidental grain from under-exposing. It’s in-your-face. I like its confidence.


I push processed this film for a minute longer than the recommended time, which most likely resulted in even more grain. So, when you have your film developed, you can either a) let the people at the lab develop the film for the recommended time, or b) you can ask them to push process your film for more grain. You will often get a color shift when you push process, which is probably the reason why this film pushed so far into blue.

So, the long and short of it is that I took a film with a high amount of grain, contrast and blue, and pushed those elements even further by developing for longer.


This is probably not a film that I would constantly have in my camera, but it is a very fun option to have, and I’m looking forward to playing with it more! You can purchase Color Implosion through Freestyle Photographic Supplies.