Earlier this summer I discovered the Mystic App for iPhone, truly an app made just for me (and hopefully you too) that lightens my heart and speaks to my soul. With a free-spirited vibe that leans heavily towards nature, this app is packed with features that are easy to navigate and ooze positivity.

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From applying a variety of filters, light leaks and textures to adding well-designed art and inspirational sayings, the Mystic App offers hundreds of combinations for editing your photos. You can’t help but feel happy once you’ve applied one of their uplifting phrases onto your work!


Mystic starts with a basic in-app camera allowing you to shoot and then immediately edit, or you can choose any images from your camera roll. This is followed by an easy-to-use cropping tool featuring 8 sizing aspect options when importing your photo into the app. From there, Mystic offers the ability to edit your image with diverse photo-editing tools easily controlled by sliders including exposure, brightness, contrast, sharpening, and tone among others.


Here’s how the app breaks down:

• 31 Filters
• 25 Frames & Masks
• 30 Grainy Textures
• 39 Light & Color Treatments

20130929_mysticapp_003 20130929_untitled_shoot_041

• ability to customize intensity and/or black/white/opaque levels on photo effects
• more than 300 quote/text overlays in categories like: Adventure, Spirit, Lovers, Music & Quotes
• 40 Shapes
• ability to reposition and resize using -/+ and arrow tools
(Note:Take your time with these and allow the app to catch up with you, or you may encounter crashes)


• 12 Photo Editing Tools (brightness, color, tone, vignette, gamma, etc.)
• Social Media Sharing options including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
• Option to open in a variety of photo apps like Instagram

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One feature that sets Mystic App apart from other text apps is WriteOn feature allowing you to use your own handwriting on your images. You simply write a phrase in dark ink on a white sheet of paper exactly as you want it to appear on your photo, and then take a photo when prompted by the feature. I find a black magic marker helps to make your text pop out. Then Mystic analyzes it and overlays it on your image. You adjust it just like the other overlays in the app. Here’s one I made a few weeks ago.


Be sure to go into your settings to turn on the high quality option for your images making them a maximum of 1280×1920 pixels, smaller than I’d like, but still larger than Instagram’s 640×640 pixels. You will also find the ability to turn on a tutorial, change the privacy of your photos and solve a “Mystic Riddle”. When you solve the riddle, gifts from the treasure chest await you!

20130929_mystic_001 20130929_mystic_002

Can you see why I love this app? Not only does it give me the chance to spread some love, it also sends it right back! The creators of the app share their work on their Instagram feed and Facebook page, and if you Tweet or Tumble your images using the hashtag #mysticapp, there’s a good chance their share your work too. I’ve found plenty of inspiration on all three.

20130914_iphone_022 20130725_untitled_shoot_010
20130829_iphone_024 20130910_iphone_015

For me the Mystic App offers more than just the ability to edit my photos,it offers an emotional experience along with an inspirational photographic journey that I can share with my friends. I get a feeling of peace, love and happiness, straight out of the 70s from my childhood. I can feel the passion the creators have for photography, nature and their gratitude towards life and their community through the phrases and artwork making me want to be a part of their “tribe.” How about you?


Regardless, if You buy Mystic* or not, know ONE THING: You are here for a reason. And if You don’t know it already, We dare you to find out what it is.
– Sara Acker, App Developer

You can get started editing with the Mystic App by purchasing it in the app store for $0.99. Not a bad deal for joining a tribe.

Holly ~ Soupatraveler