Water makes up approximately 71 % of the Earth’s surface and 60 % of the human body. No wonder it is essential for all known life on Earth! This wonderful, wonder-filled, contradictory substance is our July theme. I hope you will join us and share your water images in the Mortal Muses Theme Pool.

Not only is water crucial for life in general, but it plays host to a lot of different water creatures, as Vanessa Simpson and I have found: water-vanessasimpsonsparkle seal by Vanessa Simpson. I can’t get over the happiness and light in this image.

water-birdsI never tire of looking at birds.

Many people’s livelihoods depend on the water, for food and for transportation. Coming HomeComing Home by Holly.

dorothy may

Dorothy May by Kirstin.

water-huiceirA Galway Hooker – Húicéir na Gaillimhe in Irish – a traditional west-coast sailing boat used for cargo freight and fishing.

At the same time, water can dangerous and destructive.water-destructionThe wreck of the MV Plassy, a steamship wrecked on the coast of Inis Oírr in Ireland during a storm in 1960.

water-onthelawnFrom our house in the south of Norway. The water didn’t quite reach the house, but it wasn’t far from it.

Water can be quiet, still and moody as Anna shows here: water-annaleavitt I just love this moody storytelling shot of Anna’s.

Or it can move and surge and flow and be merry or frightening depending on the weather and the lay of the land, as several of the Muses have found: Untitled Untitled by Jenny Wall.

water-vansnow The happiness in this shot by Vanessa Snow is intoxicating.

water-wave This is also from the west coast of Ireland, but it could equally well have been taken in Norway. I’m always a little scared for my camera when shooting close to the water like this!

Water has no colour, and yet it takes on whatever colours there are, thanks to the magic of the light.water-drink The water was as colourless as it appears in this image – I didn’t cheat and convert to black and white in post-processing – but if you look closely you can see tiny reflections of colour.

I had my pick of the Muses’ water images for this post, and I’m sure you’ll agree with me that they have caught some marvellous shades of blue.147/365 Untitled by Meghan.

Quissett Beach R2 F10 Quissett Beach by Nikki.

The view from here. #vscocam The view from here by Debra.

What part does water play in your summer? Do your kids run through the sprinklers on the lawn, do you go kayaking, swimming, is it raining – or something else entirely? And if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, how is water a part of your life in winter? Show us in the Theme Pool – we look forward to seeing your images!

~ All the best from Jenny.