I have a confession to make: in spite of how much I use my phone for photography – and I’ve even gone exclusively mobile for my current 365 – I’ve yet to try Photojojo’s macro lens for Android phones (the Olloclip I believe is the best iPhone alternative). But really, I think it’s incredible how close to the subject it’s possible to get without those lenses, just by touching the screen where I want the focus to be and using the macro setting.

And so I’ve been experimenting with shooting textures… mobilemacro-texture

…and cute little details… mobilemacro-kittytoes

…and raindrops on the outside of the window – a frequent occurence during the autumn months – inspired by Lindsey’s post over here (and do join us tagging #raindropshot on Instagram!). mobilemacro-raindropshot

And I’ve even enjoyed lovely depth of field effects, those little bokeh-like pinpricks of light that Muse Holly once termed #phonekeh. mobilemacro-phonekeh

Do you have any tips and tricks to share for shooting close-ups with your mobile? Do share in the comments!

~ All the best from Jenny.