I love travelling and I especially love travelling with a film camera but sometimes getting onto an aeroplane is not always an option so instead I travel within my own city and look around me. I am lucky enough to live very close to central London, one of the most beautiful cities in the world where there is a photo opportunity on every corner. When I go out on a photowalk in London I put my 50mm F1.8 lens on my Canon 500 and make sure my film is around 400 ISO. I try to look at my world through the eyes of a visitor, I look for  multiculturalism but also for signs we are still in London.


This is Chinatown but the Union Jack flags and architecture show it is in London. I also look for icons when I am out and about, everyone knows the sign for the London Underground. Everyone also knows it is London with the grey sky and umbrellas!


Whilst looking through the Film Friday flickr pool I noticed others who were photographing their neighbourhoods. I love this wonderful shot of beach huts on Brighton Beach by Emily*W, again so iconic and a perfect glimpse into another world for a visitor.

closed for winter.

Henley on Thames looks such a wonderful place to explore as seen through the eyes of the wonderful Canonette

Henley on Thames on Portra Film

I hope you feel inspired to walk around your home town with fresh eyes, don’t forget to share your images with us in the Film Friday flickr pool. Until next time! Justine